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Why Do You Love Your iPhone or Android Phone?

We scoured the web recently to find out what iPhone and Android users are like in general and what makes you tick. Turns out iPhone users are more likely to have a graduate degree and make more than twice the amount of money (over 200k) compared to Android users (50 – 100k) but Android lovers are more willing to reach for the Shiraz.

Honestly though, we love both our Android and iOS users while being equally intrigued. Here are some personal characteristics of users from both operating systems.

iPhone users:

  • Optimists
  • Extroverts.
  • Self-described “high-maintenance” individuals and leaders.
  • More willing to spend money.

Android users:

  • Pessimists
  • Introverts.
  • Have a preference for saving their money.
  • Have pets and tend to be later adopters.

Even when it came to wine preferences, both users are like night and day — iPhone users prefer Malbec and Chianti while Android users opt for Shiraz and Moscato.

While we know that not everyone who uses an Android or iPhone falls neatly into each category as depicted, we are definitely curious to know why Android and iPhone users are fiercely loyal and equally passionate about each brand they use.

On the other hand of the spectrum, it’s how customizable the Android phone is that garners unquestioning loyalty from its owners — with a projected total of 310 million users by end of the year while the iPhone reaches 119 million users.

Really — So, why do you love your iPhone or your Android phone?

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Image: android invasion

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