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Which is Worse: Monsters or Tech Nightmares?

Things can get a little spooky around Halloween. All of a sudden, everyone wants to watch horror movies and you never know if that sound outside is just the wind scraping a branch across your window or something more sinister. Classic monsters from old-school legends will always be a little scary, but are they as scary as the tech nightmares you’re faced with on a regular basis? We’ve been polling you guys on Facebook over the last few weeks about which is worse between monster/tech nightmare pairings. Here’s what you all had to say!

Vampire or Going Somewhere without WiFi?


27% Vampire // 73% No WiFi


Frankesntein or a Shattered Screen?


14% Frankenstein // 86% Shattered Screen


Mummy or Running out of Phone Data?


43% Mummy // 57% Running out of Data


Werewolf or Liking Someone’s Post from 2012?


36% Werewolf // 64% Deep Liking


What other tech nightmares keep you up at night? Share in the comments below!

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