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User Spotlight – Shannon

Hey Dolphin Fans,

One of the best things about Dolphin is the way people use it. And what better way to learn about Dolphin, by hearing from users like you?

So this week, our latest User Spotlight features none other than a San Francisco local Shannon!


Besides using Dolphin to browse the best of culinary cuisine, she also clues us into the best way to hipster-fy your face while grabbing discounts. Check out more about this ‘stache cam and the weekly User Spotlight fun fact at the bottom.

Name: Shanon Shafer
Most Likely to Be Browsing: Culinary Cuisine
Job: Chef
Location: San Francisco, CA
Dolphin Devices: Android Phone & iPad

When did you get your first mobile phone? Which phone was it?
Some point in the late 90s.  I have no idea– some crappy flip phone.

What is your Favorite App (besides Dolphin) and why?
I have a lot of favorites, but right now I’m pretty fond of Scoutmob.  It is giving me even more of an incentive to try new places in San Francisco.

What is 1 fun mobile trick you want to share?
What is a mobile trick?

How did you find out about Dolphin Browser?
Social Media

What is your favorite website (on your mobile)?

Finish the following sentence: My Dolphin makes me …
Better at my job.

What is your favorite feature on Dolphin Browser?
General interface and functionality

How long have you been using Dolphin Browser?
4 or 5 months

When are you the most mobile?
All of the time

Dolphin Browser would be perfect if…
I could control it with my mind.

How to Hipserfy  yourself:
Shannon’s new favorite app (other than Dolphin of course) is Scoutmob which besides offering local deals at pretty much any place you can buy things… also enables you to choose from 4 fancy mustaches in their “‘stache cam” to spruce up any image.

Fun User Spotlight Fact:
Did you know that … 85% of people that filled out Spotlight questions have a Android phone! Thank you Android fans!

– Team Dolphin

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