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Under the Radar: 4 Internet Privacy Tips for Browsing with Dolphin


Dolphin is all about making sure your private information stays that way – private. Use these internet privacy tips to stay safe while traversing the net!

With internet privacy being such an important topic these days, it’s vital that you cover all of your bases when protecting your information. From hackers to big businesses trying to buy and sell your private information, it really pays to be cautious and aware. Have no fear – Dolphin’s new and improved security settings are here to help!

Go Incognito

Want a little extra anonymity with your browsing? There’s no need to constantly delete your history. We’ve made switching to Incognito Mode super easy! Incognito mode can be easily turned on via the control panel. Just click the Puzzle Piece icon in the upper right hand corner of your browser (or swipe to the right side bar, depending on your settings) to access the control panel and select Incognito mode from there.


Protect Your Internet Privacy with a Master Password

Using a master password is a great way to beef up your browser’s security. By enabling this feature, you can encrypt any passwords you enter into websites that give you the option to “save password.” As an added convenience, it will also save you the trouble of remembering passwords all the time, although we still recommend having them all backed up somewhere in case you forget.

You can enable this feature in the advanced settings (found by pressing the Dolphin icon) and going to Privacy. From there, select “Use Master Password,” enter in your new Master, and voila!

Be sure to make your master password a good one!


Enable/Disable Location

Worried that someone might be collecting information on your location? You can turn off location settings by heading back to Privacy (under advanced settings) and hitting the Enable Location toggle switch.


Clear Data When Exiting

Want to make sure all of your data is safe? When you’ve finished a browsing session, hit the Dolphin icon again to find the Clear Data button. It’s the one shaped like a broom. Clean up your data by sweeping the broom to the next page where you’ll have the option to clear history, cookies, passwords, and any other trace of your recent trip through the internet.

You can also set Dolphin to automatically clear data when you exit the browser. In the basic settings (under Data), click on “Always clear data when exiting” and then select whether you want to remove your history, cache, and/or cookies every time you exit.


Dolphin is all about making sure your private information stays that way – private. Use these tools to stay safe while traversing the net!


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