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Try the Fastest Dolphin! Android v7.4 BETA with Webzine as an Add-on

Dear Loyal Dolphin Fans,

Today want you to help us test out Android v7.4 BETA. The biggest change we’ve made in this version is we have made it easier to get the most popular Add-ons.

We know you want Dolphin fast so we have transformed our magazine style reader, Webzine, into an Add-on for our most avid readers. Dolphin Webzine brings elegance to web browsing. Enjoy the web content displayed like a magazine, free of distractions. Users can select content from over 300 sources on topics including lifestyle, music, and technology. Click here to download.

We also have preloaded the 5 most popular Add-ons onto the right Sidebar so you can enjoy colors, screenshots, translation and more immediately.

And since we know you like your Sidebars, we have fixed them up and made them a tab bit less sensitive and added arrows for the best performance.

Click here to download Dolphin Browser v7.4 for Android!

Now the best part about these BETAs is hearing from our users so if you love something (or not) let us know at support@dolphin-browser.com and join our community on Facebook and Twitter.

Team Dolphin


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