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Top 10 Most Popular Dolphin Add-ons of the Month

Explore more ways to play with your Dolphin Browser HD with over 50 Add-ons. From changing your browsers color to saving a web page as PDF for an offline read, Add-ons enhance your toolbox in Dolphin Browser HD. Here are the top 10 most popular.

10 Most Popular Add-ons in Dolphin, August 2011


  • Bookmark to SD – Backup and restore the bookmarks to your SD card so you can keep your bookmarks on multiple devices.
  • Dolphin Google Service – Access Google Search, G-Mail, G-Maps, G-Talk, YouTube and other google services with just one click.
  • Web to PDF – Save the website as PDF format so you can access the content anytime.
  • Dolphin Screen Cut – Capture the entire webpage as screenshot and save onto SD card, your gallery or share it as an attachment.
  • Dolphin Desktop Toggle – Fast switching between 2 browsing modes, Desktop or Android in one simple action.
  • Shiny Shake – Shake your phone to switch between Dolphin Browser colours themes or open tabs.
  • Browse Faster for Dolphin – Speed up your browsing experience by killing all other working applications on your phone with just one click.
  • Dolphin YouTube Search – Search YouTube video without visiting youtube.com, saving you time and the hassle of traffic.
  • Dolphin translate – Translate the whole page or desired sentence into any language.
  • Lastpass for Dolphin HD – The Last Password You Will Ever Need. Fast, easy and simple; securely syncs your passwords across all your browsers and devices.

For the full description for all of our Add-ons, visit our Add-on Page here.


The Dolphin Team

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