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Thinking & Mind Reading Phone Not Too Far Off From Reality. Want One?

Did you see our recent April Fools post about Dolphin Brain — a feature which allows you to control your phone? Ironically enough, this phone is not a far fetched idea at all. In fact, it’s already in the works.

Handset maker, LG is already creating a “thinking Smartphone” — one that will adapt to your habits and even be able to make decisions your behalf. LG Mobile’s Managing Director, Kwon Bong-Suk mentioned that instead of just stuffing more features into its phones, the “thinking phone” will blow the competition out of the water.

For instance, if you normally set your alarm for 6.00 am and your new LG thinking Smartphone realizes there may be heavy traffic on the route to your work, it may wake you up at 5.30 am instead. Pretty nifty eh? — Imagine the effort and frustration it will save you from worrying about arriving late to work.

The LG brand has been somewhat mixed in with the rest of the phones in the market. Its phones and model names don’t really come to mind when you think of Smartphones. We think that this move is clearly LG’s attempt to to really differentiate itself from the rest of the competition.

Closer to home in our R&D labs, we are constantly advancing product development to make the Dolphin Browser to be more intuitive and user-friendly. The development of Dolphin Sonar, a voice-controlled feature of our browser is a testament that the technology needed to create something like a “thinking smartphone” is already there.

So, do you think LG’s phone is going to be a game changer with its “thinking Smartphone”? Would you want a phone like this?

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