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Thanks All! Dolphin Browser HD 5.0 Private Beta Campaign Close-Up

Thank you for all your support. Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 Private beta campaign finally ends up.

We are really touched! Thank you so much for supporting Dolphin Browser HD v5.0. Forgive us that we don’t open this to all users since it is a private beta. It supposed to be a development snapshot which just contains the latest changes, but may also have some severe known issues, including crashes, and so on. But you still choose to test and give us your valuable feedback. No matter how, thank you.

For those who have not been chosen to be beta users, please don’t be disappointed. We hold this “campaign” is not to judge who will win or who will lose. (Maybe we shouldn’t call it a campaign.) We know many of you may be confused why we don’t publish it to the whole public. And many users cannot understand this. So it is necessary to let you know that the private beta contains some severe known issues and its performance is still not that stable. If we release it publicly, it would be irresponsible to all of our users. Hope you can understand.

For lucky dogs, we will send you a download url link later via email. Hope you can provide us your valuable feedbacks on this beta version.

We are really grateful for your enthusiastic participation in this campaign. We may not do well enough on this little activity. But next time we will do better.  Please stay tuned for our official release! You will like it. 🙂

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