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Building the Best Browser for iOS 9: Now with Improved Stability and Performance

Dolphin Browser is the Best Browser for iOS 9, but what makes it so? Fundamentally, the answer is good stability and performance. Stability refers to how many failures occur in an app, such as stopping unexpectedly or freezing. The fewer failures, the more stable the app. Performance, on the other hand, refers to how long […]

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A Holiday Gift for Dolphin iOS Users

Dolphin’s bringing another reason to celebrate the holidays! We’re introducing some special changes for Dolphin iOS and iPad users. For the iPhone version, three holiday themes will be added to the Theme Store, and they’ll be completely free through December 29th. Check out the Theme Store to see the new and festive themes! Please be aware that the […]

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Dolphin v11.5.0: Dolphin Browser Adblock and Other Issues Fixed With Latest Android M Support

Issues with Dolphin Browser Adblock and other compatibility with Android M have been fixed in the latest Dolphin Browser update. On October 5th, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 9 owners were among the first to receive the update. Foreseeing potential compatibility and stability issues, our devs at Dolphin Browser ran numerous tests. Now, our […]

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Missing Dolphin Bookmarks Issue in x86 Devices

Recently, some users have let us know that their Dolphin bookmarks disappear after updating to Dolphin v11.4.20. We’ve investigated the issue and have figured out the most probable cause for this issue: Users who use devices with x86 (Intel) CPU should be installing the x86 version of Dolphin. Generally, whenever a user updates or downloads […]

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Free Safari Ad Blocker Now Available

With the recent iOS 9 update, Apple enabled content blocking within Safari. Because we at Dolphin are dedicated to providing the best browsing experience possible, we’ve decided to release a free Safari ad blocker extension. Introducing: AdBlocker for Safari! Improve Your iOS Browsing with the Free Safari Ad Blocker Remove ads: The free Safari Ad Blocker extension applies the […]

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New Look & Features for Dolphin Browser for iPad and iPhone

Dolphin for iOS has received a makeover. The recent string of updates for our iOS browsers have added support for new devices, improved stability, and integrated brand new features – like AdBlock and Dashlane – to enhance your browsing experience. With this update, we’re also showing off a brand new, sleek design, as well as […]

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