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7 Tips to Organize Your Dolphin Browser Experience

With everything you can do with the internet these days, it’s understandable if your Dolphin Browser is littered with random bookmarks and loads of speed dials. Don’t fret! Here are 7 ways that you can organize your Dolphin Browser for the most streamlined experience 1. START HERE: Set Up Dolphin Browser Connect Dolphin Browser Connect […]

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Mobile Habits of Successful Students

It’s back to school once again, and while some will be content with a pad of paper, number 2 pencil, and their assigned textbooks, many students are tech-savvy, utilizing ultra-useful apps for taking notes, studying and getting schoolwork completed that much faster. We pulled together a few handy gems to help you pass with flying […]

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3 Ways to Customize Your Dolphin Web Browser Navigation

The latest version of the Dolphin Web Browser is known for its myriad of customization options. It allows you to select the best options to give you a browsing experience tailored to you. Below is a rundown of 3 ways to customize your navigation, based on your device type and general preferences. Personalize Your Dolphin […]

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