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Dolphin Browser Mini V1.0 is Now Officially Launched in Android Market!

We are incredibly excited to offer you Dolphin Browser Mini V1.0! Now Dolphin Browser Mini V1.0 is available in Android Market. In this major update, we bring you a new set of features to expand and refine your browsing experience.  Several of these features are from among of the most requested features we have heard […]

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Dolphin Browser Mini (Beta) Now in the Marketplace

Dolphin Browser Mini users can now download the app from the Android market to start enjoying fast browsing experience. Nearly ten thousand users get familiar with Dolphin Browser Mini already, maybe I still need to introduce it for some potential users. Dolphin Browser Mini is a brand new version developed by Dolphin Browser Team, which is […]

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Dolphin Browser Mini Preview2 For Android, Faster Than Ever

About twenty days ago, we had publish a preview version of Dolphin Browser. Anyone remember that? We gain a lot of positive feedback from you. Here the official name of Dolphin Browser Preview is decided to be Dolphin Browser Mini and I am happy to announce that you can experience Dolphin Browser Mini Preview2 now. I guess, […]

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