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Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying That Tech Gift

  The holidays are in full swing and you want to buy the perfect gadget for your friend, family member or significant other. But don’t tap the “buy” button too quickly. Think through these questions before dropping the big bucks on a tech gift for someone else. 1. How tech savvy is the person I’m […]

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A Year in Review: 2015 Tech

2015 has been a dynamite year for technology. From smart phones to drones, virtual reality to self driving cars, we’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff this year. But what stands out the most? Well, we have some opinions on that! The Year of the Drone The idea of remotely controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle has […]

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Best Tech To Add to Your Holiday Wish List

You’re the early-planning device nerd who’s first in line to hand off your high-tech list to Santa (good job!), but to be fair, it’s an electronic jungle out there, and it can be tough to know what the best of the best is sometimes… Lucky for you, we’ve cut through the clutter to pin down […]

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Is Android Taking Over Our Lives?

The world of dirt, sweat, and spiral notebooks is dying. And in its place is a new “land” of bits, hardware, and smartphone integration. Some think our obsession with apps and the internet of things (iOT) is leading us astray: to a society of short attention-spanned and over-informed citizens. Others see this as a hopeful […]

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Awesome Tech for the Great Outdoors

You know what they say: you can take a techie outside, but you can’t get them to unplug! Whether you’re climbing the Rocky Mountains, or diving off the coast of Maui, we’ve got some sweet suggestions for both fun and handy tech tools to bring along the next time you explore the great outdoors:   […]

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4 Shocking Ways Tech Innovation Was Affected By Public Perception

Public perception often has a massive effect on how tech innovation spins out. The public’s reaction to new technology can make or break it in terms of success, longevity and roll out. One wrong step, one bad piece of press, or even a Hollywood movie stuck in people’s heads can have huge implications for tech […]

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