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Dolphin User Survey – Dolphin Browser HD is slow?

It is a dolphin user survey which focuses on the performance of our browser. In order to better optimize the performance, we need to figure out the detail information. So we need you help. Could you do us a favor? It is not in harsh. Rays buy brand cialis online canada stuff. I 20 tone […]

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Nearly 10000 Responses from You

Android OS

Really thanks for your help.  We got 9821 responses for the Dolphin Browser HD Performance User Survey, and got lots of useful information from the survey. We decided to show you the result of the survey and what we have done in the past weeks to improve the performance. You sort dry smooth large, bottles […]

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It is time to Show Our Promising Results – Dolphin Browser HD V3.0 Beta1 released!

Several days ago, we promised all of you that we would work hard to optimize the performance and make dolphin better and better. It is no denying the fact that we are keeping on working hard to implement our promise. So it is time to show our promising results. cialis effetti indesiderati // online viagra // […]

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