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Dolphin for Android v8.2: Small Changes, Big Difference

Attention Android users, Dolphin Browser for Android v8.2 is now on Google Play Store today with some small detailed changes that make a big difference. Get it now!  Let’s see what is going on… Let Dolphin remember what you were doing last, Dolphin will pull up your last open webpage. Customize your launch screen with […]

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Dolphin HD v7.3.1 BETA: Better Sidebars, Better Browsing

Dolphin Browser HD v7.3.1 BETA is available today only through our blog! Dolphin Add-ons have always been one of the most outstanding features of Dolphin and with over 50, we felt it was about high time we highlighted a few of the key Add-ons for you. In this BETA, we have pre-loaded 5 of the […]

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Dolphin Brings Clever Browsing to the iPad

Dolphin is now available on the iPad! Since the release of Dolphin for iPhone, we know you have been chomping at the bit for the iPad version and so today we are very excited to announce the release of Dolphin for iPad! Let’s check out what the iPad version looks like! Dolphin for iPad v1.0: 1. […]

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Play with Dolphin. On the iPhone

Bringing Dolphin’s exceptional browsing experience to the iPhone. Now Android fans don’t get jealous, the iPhone version is mainly optimized for iPhone but let’s just check out what’s under the hood. Let us introduce you to the myriad of new features of Dolphin for the iPhone v1.0 that make your browsing experience effortless:

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