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Dolphin HD V6.1 Beta Updated, Stability Improved

It has been about 2 weeks since Dolphin HD v6.0 was launched. Today we are pleased to announce the first update after v6.0—-Dolphin HD v6.1 beta on our blog. In this beta version, we focus on improving the performance and stability. Since the release of Dolphin HD v6.0, we have received feedback from thousands of […]

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Get Your Favorite Wallpapers in Flikie.com via Dolphin Home

Tired of finding wallpapers for your phone? Don’t worry, we just find a good wallpaper site for you to choose the wallpapers you want anytime. What’s better than an Android-themed wallpaper on your Android phone? Follow me and experience a wallpaper trip. First, click the Wallpaper head links in Dolphin Home. Second, tap a picture you like to access […]

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