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[Mini] First Online PDF Viewer Supported Mobile Browser? A Test Glance that Yes or Not

According to precedent, Dolphin Browser Mini v1.2 is ready to release to Android Market. In this Update, we add a bevy of new features including online PDF (also PPT/DOC/TIF) viewer, new-style select text, open in overview, file uploading, change download directory, etc. We also deal with the bugs that password cannot display completely and clear cache and […]

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Find PDF Viewer in Dolphin Browser Mini V1.2 Beta

It has been a period of time since our last update, we add new features in Dolphin Browser Mini V1.2 in order to bring something new for our users. I am sure you will like it. Here I will introduce several major updates in Dolphin Mini. ONE: Find PDF Viewer in Dolphin Browser Mini. Many […]

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