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Year of the Monkey 2016 predictions for Techies

It’s the epic start of the Year of the Monkey! 2016 predictions point to wealth and abundance. Go to your sign to know what to look for this year.   The Chinese New Year means new beginnings, and those beginnings can come in all sorts of shapes depending on where you fall in the Chinese […]

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2015: A Dolphin Browser Year In Review

Between the constant, timely improvements to Dolphin Browser, the overwhelming support of our amazing fans, and so much more, it was a banner year for Dolphin in 2015! There was absolutely no way that we could end this wonderful year without recapping some of our favorite highlights from the past 365 days with all of […]

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A Year in Review: 2015 Tech

2015 has been a dynamite year for technology. From smart phones to drones, virtual reality to self driving cars, we’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff this year. But what stands out the most? Well, we have some opinions on that! The Year of the Drone The idea of remotely controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle has […]

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