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Top 10 Productivity Hacks for Mobile

Here at Dolphin, we’re always looking for new productivity hacks and ways to get things done more efficiently — that’s why we’re constantly improving our browser to make your lives easier! Productivity has to be approached from all angles, and we can’t do it all alone, so we have compiled a list of some of […]

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Add-on Digest: Desktop Toggle

This nifty Dolphin Desktop Toggle Add-on allows you to switch between desktop and mobile views of a website. You’re probably thinking “why would I care to do that?” — well, it’s simple. Some sites look better and is easier to navigate in a mobile view and some sites are better and easier to navigate via a […]

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Have Webcam Will Shop – Image Recognition Checkout Ideal for Mobile

Found that perfect pair of shoes online? Great! Now get the credit card out of your wallet, put it in front of the phone camera and then proceed to click the “buy” button through your mobile phone or tablet. Online payment company Jumio recently launched Netverify — an image recognition technology that turns any webcam into a secure […]

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