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Hi! SnipSnap Mobile Coupon App. Bye Coupon Clipping Scissors.

At Dolphin , we think everyday is a good day for a discount off retail prices! For those of you on iOS and who happen to love coupons, here’s some good news! First off, you won’t have to forget bringing another coupon into a store with you again. Secondly, you can toss your coupon clipping scissors […]

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Have Webcam Will Shop – Image Recognition Checkout Ideal for Mobile

Found that perfect pair of shoes online? Great! Now get the credit card out of your wallet, put it in front of the phone camera and then proceed to click the “buy” button through your mobile phone or tablet. Online payment company Jumio recently launched Netverify — an image recognition technology that turns any webcam into a secure […]

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Mobile: Shopping Doubled in December 2011 Holiday Season

IBM recently released some pretty cool information from last year’s holiday shopping season compared with 2010 and we wanted to share this. The stats clearly show that mobile shopping will only increase from here on forward. Related industries like mobile advertising, location based services and contextual search will definitely be the benefactors of this growth. […]

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