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Dolphin HD v6.1 is Out of Beta,Brings New Webzine Features!

Dolphin HD v6.1 is out of beta, and now available in Android Market for free download! Except fixing bugs appeared in beta version, we continue improving the brand-new Webzine feature in Dolphin HD v6.1. You will find more enhanced Facebook and Twitter features, which turn Webzine to be more socialized. The specific changes are as […]

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Not Enough Features in The Beta Version? Then Find More Features about Dolphin Mini v2.1 in Android Market

It’s been a week since we release Dolphin Browser Mini v2.1 beta, how do you like it? Now, we finally release Dolphin Mini v2.1 to the Android Market. Thanks for all of your feedbacks, we continue fixing some bugs in Dolphin Browser Mini v2.1. However, as we said in the last blog post, Dolphin Browser […]

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Your April Fool gift: Dolphin Mini v2.1 Beta With Bunches of New Features is Here!

After the minor update of Dolphin Browser Mini v2.0.1, are you looking forward any new features of Dolphin Browser Mini? If you do, you’d better never miss this Dolphin Browser Mini v2.1 beta version. Except fixing bugs as usual, we mainly focus on bringing you more features to meet your browsing needs in this new […]

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