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Dolphin Joins with KDDI for “au Smart Pass”

Dolphin Browser is pleased to announce our newest partnership with Japanese telecom powerhouse, KDDI. In this version, Dolphin has created a customized version for KDDI’s “au Smart Pass” which can be found in “Cool Apps” section. For this special version, it is only available to KDDI customers. O-Da-No-Shi-Mi-Ni! Team Dolphin Browser

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Dolphin Goes 3D! Softbank Swimming with Dolphin

Today Dolphin Browser joins forces with Japanese carrier Softbank for the its first ever 3D social phone. This fancy phone, the 009SH, not only displays in 3D but can can also take 3D photos and is hard wired with Dolphin Browser’s social Add-ons such as Facebook, Twitter, Mixi, and Evernote. “Dolphin Browser is going to […]

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