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Dolphin Browser Mini Preview2 For Android, Faster Than Ever

About twenty days ago, we had publish a preview version of Dolphin Browser. Anyone remember that? We gain a lot of positive feedback from you. Here the official name of Dolphin Browser Preview is decided to be Dolphin Browser Mini and I am happy to announce that you can experience Dolphin Browser Mini Preview2 now. I guess, […]

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New Dolphin Browser (Preview ver.) coming to Android Handsets! Simpler and Faster

Great News! Dolphin Browser release a new version – Dolphin Browser (preview), which is built on Android 1.6. It is totally a brand new version for Dolphin Browser, briefer and quicker, which is optimized for mobile phones. In addition, New Dolphin Browser (preview) has more features than original Dolphin Browser. We will improve it step by step. And here […]

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