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8 Tips for a Longer Android Battery Life

Tired of complaining about how your well-loved Android’s battery life seems to be getting shorter, and how the device is noticeably slower than when you bought it last year? Before you start researching the latest models, check out these choice tips in our cheat sheet to boost your battery and maximize your current Android experience: […]

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Mobile Hacks for the Avid Sports Fan

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of football, soccer, hockey, or any other great game – as Android users, we expect a little more from the game day experience than plopping ourselves down in front of the TV every week. That said, we’ve got our own ideas how Android athletes can take their love […]

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7 Tips to Organize Your Dolphin Browser Experience

With everything you can do with the internet these days, it’s understandable if your Dolphin Browser is littered with random bookmarks and loads of speed dials. Don’t fret! Here are 7 ways that you can organize your Dolphin Browser for the most streamlined experience 1. START HERE: Set Up Dolphin Browser Connect Dolphin Browser Connect […]

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