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Dolphin Jetpack Beta for Android: 25% Faster, FREAK Bug Free, WebGL Gaming, Outstanding HTML5 & Flash Support

Dolphin for Android gets a big upgrade with the new Dolphin Jetpack V7 Beta, making this our fastest and best release yet. Lightning Fast Web Experience. Faster Than Firefox And Chrome We optimized Dolphin Browser to be fast. Really fast. The new Dolphin Jetpack engine loads pages 25% faster. The web on your smartphone just […]

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Dolphin Browser: Flash Player Included for Android KitKat Or Newer

Dolphin Browser: Flash Player Included for Android KitKat, Android 5.0 Or Newer

Installing Flash player on Android smartphones can be tricky. The new Dolphin Browser comes with Flash player support out of the box. There is no need for hacks and tricks to install Flash on your Android phone. With Dolphin, it just works. No More “How to Install Flash Player on my Android KitKat” Until recently […]

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