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Rock 2016 with the Best Fitness Apps for Android

We hope you’re ready! We’re here to help you keep the promise you made to yourself on January 1st to make healthier decisions in 2016. With your determination, and a little support from our handy guide, you can take advantage of a few key features from Dolphin Browser and your Android device to reach your […]

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Social Fitness: Connecting with Friends to Stay Active

Physical fitness is an important topic that can also be taboo. Ask anyone in your social circle about their personal diets or workout routines. Some will be happy to share their experience and offer tips for your own fitness journey, but most folks are hesitant to engage in candid discussion about physical fitness, weight loss, […]

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10 Fitness Apps To Get Back in Shape

10 Fitness Apps to Get You Back in Shape

2015 is here and it’s time to get back in shape! Festivities aside, being fit matters. Study after study suggests that fitness leads to healthier, more productive, and happier lives. Exercise. Get A Full Body Workout. Be Fit We put together a list of the most popular fitness smartphone and tablet apps for you. Whether […]

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