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How to Make Dolphin your Back-to-School Browser

You’re sitting at a desk too small to accommodate both your laptop and coffee cup, the guy next to you is explaining the summer shenanigans that landed him in that cast, and the teacher is looking for everyone to settle in. She’s quick to hand out the first assignment. Vacation may be over but we’ve […]

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Join Team Dolphin and Evernote Live Chat on Mar 20

Want to chat with the team that brought you the infamous Evernote Webclipper for Dolphin? Well, mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 20, at 10 am Pacific Time, because Team Dolphin and our BFFs at Evernote are teaming up to answer YOUR questions in an all-access, ask-us-anything live chat! The chat will be streamed on our Livestream channel. […]

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Your 2013 New Year’s Resolution: Do Everything with Dolphin

Happy New Year, Dolphin fans! We trust your holiday season went well and you’re refreshed for a fun, exciting and fulfilling 2013. Speaking of exciting, we’ve got great news for all of you: new versions of Dolphin for Android, iPhone, and iPad, recharged and reinvigorated for the new year. This is our most exciting release since we launched […]

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Launching Dolphin Garage: Bring Your Native or HTML5 Web App to Over 16M Users With Our Open API

With years of experience as mobile developers, we understand how hard it is to reach a large user base. That’s why we’re excited to launch Dolphin Garage, which opens our API and helps other developers reach over 16 million Dolphin users. Dolphin Garage gives developers access to 150 Dolphin internal APIs, including various browser UI and […]

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Attend the Dolphin Developer Launch Event June 28 and Learn mobile funding tips from Dave McClure

Are you a developer going to Google I/O? A developer who woke up early March 27 only to receive nothing but a devastatingly final  “No Tickets Available”? What about someone who wants to meet people that give away billions of dollars in technology funding? Well then come grab a beer with the Team Dolphin at our App […]

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Dolphin Goes 3D! Softbank Swimming with Dolphin

Today Dolphin Browser joins forces with Japanese carrier Softbank for the its first ever 3D social phone. This fancy phone, the 009SH, not only displays in 3D but can can also take 3D photos and is hard wired with Dolphin Browser’s social Add-ons such as Facebook, Twitter, Mixi, and Evernote. “Dolphin Browser is going to […]

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