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[Mini] First Online PDF Viewer Supported Mobile Browser? A Test Glance that Yes or Not

According to precedent, Dolphin Browser Mini v1.2 is ready to release to Android Market. In this Update, we add a bevy of new features including online PDF (also PPT/DOC/TIF) viewer, new-style select text, open in overview, file uploading, change download directory, etc. We also deal with the bugs that password cannot display completely and clear cache and […]

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Find PDF Viewer in Dolphin Browser Mini V1.2 Beta

It has been a period of time since our last update, we add new features in Dolphin Browser Mini V1.2 in order to bring something new for our users. I am sure you will like it. Here I will introduce several major updates in Dolphin Mini. ONE: Find PDF Viewer in Dolphin Browser Mini. Many […]

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Dolphin Browser HD V4.1 Ready To Roll in Android Market

Have you remembered the scene when Dolphin Browser HD V4.0 did release? After a month’s time, Dolphin Browser HD V4.1 is coming on the scene. Those who have tried the previous beta versions of  Dolphin Browser HD V4.1 will know we have add some minor but useful features to this new version. Now it is ready […]

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