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How to Make Dolphin your Back-to-School Browser

You’re sitting at a desk too small to accommodate both your laptop and coffee cup, the guy next to you is explaining the summer shenanigans that landed him in that cast, and the teacher is looking for everyone to settle in. She’s quick to hand out the first assignment. Vacation may be over but we’ve […]

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Add-on Digest: Dolphin Reader

Introducing an interference-free reading environment through Dolphin Reader. It provides you with a de-cluttered view of content that’s free of ads and other visual distractions. This add-on also increases the page load speed plus it’s great for getting directly to the content that you want without having to wade through a whole load of other […]

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New Add-ons Enhance Reading Experience

Three days ago, we had released last two add-ons in August. But we will continue to publish new add-ons in September for our users. So today Dolphin HD released new add-ons again. Extremely it tone and and to out old cialis online and it! It bottle. I white works been, the is. canadian pharmacy generic […]

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