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Browsing With No Ads! Dolphin HD v5.0 Time Has Come To Android Market!

Thank you for all your support to Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 Beta1, Beta2 and Beta3, Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 finally releases to Android Market. Let’s start Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 time! To start the 5.0 time, we prepare a big surprise for you: Google ads in Dolphin Browser HD get removed! In previous versions, we had […]

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DolphinMail: Your Questions Answered in This Week [February 22, 2011]

Welcome to a brand new Category that we’ll start doing every week if needed… DolphinMail! We get a lot of Dolphin-related questions throughout the week and can’t POSSIBLY get all our users know our answers. We have received so many feedbacks from you via emails, comments, etc. Among them, some questions and problems are frequently […]

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