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Dolphin HD v7.3.1 BETA: Better Sidebars, Better Browsing

Dolphin Browser HD v7.3.1 BETA is available today only through our blog! Dolphin Add-ons have always been one of the most outstanding features of Dolphin and with over 50, we felt it was about high time we highlighted a few of the key Add-ons for you. In this BETA, we have pre-loaded 5 of the […]

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Dolphin Browser HD v 7.3 — A New Year, A New Dolphin for You

We are super excited to ring in this new year with a new update to our Android browser! Say hello to Dolphin Browser HD v 7.3, complete with a new style and an enhanced Webzine redesign. What’s the face of Dolphin for Android look like in 2012? We’ll tell you! Dolphin Connect In the v7.3 […]

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Faster, Safer, Stronger! Enjoy New Features of Dolphin Companion V2.0

Check out Dolphin Companion v2.0, now available on the Android Market. While our main goal is still to save the battery life of your smartphone, this update introduces a little something extra. Go faster Smartphone are just so smart, that we forget to be. For example I always forget to exit apps I’m not using […]

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Dolphin Companion Now Available on the Android Market

Today, our latest Add-on Dolphin Companion launches on the Android Market with an icon picked by you! Here it is! What is Dolphin Companion? We love our smartphones, but we all know the single most common issue is the lousy battery life. Have no fear, Dolphin Companion is here! Dolphin Companion’s main focus is extending […]

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Meet Dolphin Companion in Beta Version

Thank you so much for your feedback! The Beta test of Dolphin Companion now closed. But, the good news is that you can get it now, yes right now, for free on the Android Market Place. – Dolphin is releasing a sneak peak at our latest Add-on —-Dolphin Companion Beta! Help us pick best icon […]

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