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How to Declutter Your Life With Technology!

If you’re wondering how to declutter your life with tech, you’re in the right place. Everything is digital now. And when you spend as much time in the Cloud as we do, things get disorganized fast. You’ve got your apps, your documents, your family pictures, and your GIF collection all over the place. Keeping track […]

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Dolphin Bookmarks Extension Debuts in Chrome Web Store

UPDATE: Thanks for your support, Dolphin fans! Dolphin Connect extension is availabe again. In the new update, you can not only sync bookmarks and tabs between your desktop and mobile again, but also send webpages/ directions/photos/phone numbers from your desktop to mobile. Download Dolphin Connect extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Today we are excited to launch our first […]

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Do You Hear What I Hear? Yes, Dolphin Goes Business with Box.

Ever find something great while browsing on your Android but just don’t have the time (or patience) to view it on that itty-bitty screen? Maybe you’ve found the perfect Christmas gift and want buy it later or maybe it’s just an the latest funny video too embarrassing to view in public. If you’re like us, […]

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Introducing Dolphin 7.0 for Android with Dolphin Connect – Now Available on GetJar

Who knew Dolphins could swim in the cloud? We’re excited to announce the launch of Dolphin 7.0 for Android, available for download today exclusively on GetJar. So what brings Dolphin to the cloud? Today’s release marks the launch of Dolphin Connect, a new part of Dolphin Browser that enables you to sync your browsing preferences, […]

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