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Dolphin HD v7.2 Beta Improved Stability and Security

Dolphin HD v7.2 beta is released! Thanks all for sending us your crash reports, they have been extremely helpful in finding and fixing the issues. Thanks to your log reports we have fixed some small crash issues and created an even better browsing experience. Now never worry about losing data with Encrypted Backup and Restore. Save your private […]

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Dolphin Browser Mini V1.0 is Now Officially Launched in Android Market!

We are incredibly excited to offer you Dolphin Browser Mini V1.0! Now Dolphin Browser Mini V1.0 is available in Android Market. In this major update, we bring you a new set of features to expand and refine your browsing experience.  Several of these features are from among of the most requested features we have heard […]

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Dolphin Browser HD V4.1 Ready To Roll in Android Market

Have you remembered the scene when Dolphin Browser HD V4.0 did release? After a month’s time, Dolphin Browser HD V4.1 is coming on the scene. Those who have tried the previous beta versions of  Dolphin Browser HD V4.1 will know we have add some minor but useful features to this new version. Now it is ready […]

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