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Dolphin Mini v2.0.1 Updates in Android Market

Have you tried our Dolphin Browser Mini v2.0.1 beta on your Android 3.0 device? Does it work well with Adobe Flash Player 10.2 on your phone? If you still don’t get it, it doesn’t matter. Cause it is finally released to Android Market now. This is just a minor bug-fixing version, mainly focusing on the […]

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Dolphin Mini v2.0.1 Beta: Better Integration with Adobe Flash Player 10.2 on Android 3.0 Devices

After Dolphin HD’s adding acceleration support for Android 3.0 device, Dolphin Browser Mini updates for Android 3.0 device, too. In this v2.0.1 beta, we fix a bug with Adobe Flash Player 10.2 in Dolphin Mini on Honeycomb device. Days ago, Adobe Flash Player updated their app to v10.2 to integrate with the browser on Android […]

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