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Tabs, Fullscreen, and Desktop Modes: What Your Mobile Browser Style Says About You

How do you customize your mobile browser?

How do you customize your mobile browser?

At this point, you’ve probably surfed the internet for longer than Google has been a search engine, and over the years you’ve picked up on what you love about browsing. The Dolphin team is all about providing you with endless ways to customize your browsing experience, but what do your preferences really say about YOU? Explore how your personality matches up!

Do You Prefer Classic Tabs or No Tabs Mode?


Classic Tabs Mode – You’re an old school, classic tabs aficionado. Remember that one awful day you missed a deadline, forgot your girlfriend’s birthday & lost track of how your team was doing in the finals? Probably not, because you always have your ducks lined up, color coded, and ready to cross the next road for some serious mobile browsing. You’re so good at keeping tabs on things that just looking at someone else’s 47 open tabs gives you anxiety. You read, you move on, and you make things happen.

No Tabs Mode – You’re a laser-focused, leave-no-tabs-behind type of mobile browser, and you do this by using No Tabs Mode. “Open a tab and hide the rest,” is your mantra. All those people preaching multi-tasking are crazy: you get everything done bit by bit, tab by tab. Eventually…

Is your Dolphin Browser Set to Regular or Fullscreen?


Regular Screen Mode – You don’t need any fancy bells and whistles, you want direct access to the truth. You’re a Regular Screen Mode browser that loves to switch between tasks, searches, and activities. Your URL bar is like your to-do list – always visible and at the top of your mind. No matter where you scroll, you’ve got all the browser tools at your fingertips.  


Fullscreen Mode – Everybody’s guilty of something. You? Your Fullscreen browsing ways compel you to search your way into the darkest, funniest corridors of the internet. It’s just not real browsing if you’re distracted by your phone’s battery life status, the URL bar, the time, and blah blah blah… If anyone’s gonna grab a phablet, some coffee, and consume every pixel of delicious content, it’s you.

Do You Surf in Mobile or Desktop Mode?



Mobile Mode – You are the Bruce Lee of mobile browsing. To you, the experience is “like water.” When you use Mobile Mode, you expect your browsing to be fluid, easy, and minimalist. You probably wouldn’t go as far as lighting incense and breaking boards with your head, but your “1 millimeter finger double-tap” move lets you browse through TechCrunch with lightning speed.

Desktop Mode – You wouldn’t normally say this out loud, but it’s true: you love the power of knowing everything you can about a subject, and you hate missing out. When you browse, it’s Desktop Mode all the way. You may have to zoom in and out of the screen but that’s the price you pay to have the whole world at your fingertips. You’d rather have it all than the stripped down mobile version.

Ultimately, if you’re using Dolphin Browser to explore the mobile internet, then you’re a cool cat in our book. How does your personality match up? Let us know in the comments!


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