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Secret Menu: Sonar Commands


Check out the entire list of Dolphin Sonar commands. Did you know that you can Zoom in, add to Speed Dial or even create a Gesture with Dolphin Sonar? Well you can!


  Action [Dolphin Does] Command [You Say]


Bookmark Bookmark/Bookmark this/Add bookmark


Go back to last webpage Back/Backwards/Go back/Go backwards


Go forward to next webpage Forward/Go forward


Go to the bottom of page Bottom of page/Go to bottom


Go to the top of page Top of page/Go to top


Find in page Find “xxx” on page/Search “xxx” on page


Save page Save page/Save this page


Refresh page Refresh/Refresh this page


Stop loading page Stop


Zoom in Zoom in/Magnify


Zoom out Zoom out


Paste into address bar Paste into address/Paste into address bar


Paste and search Paste and search


Exit browser Exit/Exit browser


Add to speed dial Add to speed dial


Open a new tab New tab/Open a new tab/Add a tab


Close all tabs Close all/Close all tabs


Close all other tabs open (besides current) Close other/Close other tabs/Close all the other tabs


Close current tab Close tab/Close current tab/Close current


Go to left tab Left tab/Switch to left tab


Go to right tab Right tab/Switch to right tab

Quick Access

Create Gesture Create gesture/create gesture for current page


Go to Add-ons Go to add-ons/Open add-ons/Show add-ons bar


Go to speed dial Speed dial/Go to speed dial


Go to settings Settings/browser settings/Go to settings


Go to bookmarks Go to bookmarks/Open bookmarks/Show bookmarks bar

Phone Modes

Desktop mode Desktop mode


iPhone mode iPhone mode


iPad mode iPad mode


Android mode Android mode


Switch color themes Switch themes/Change themes/Switch between themes [ANDROID]