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Be Safe For The Holidays. 5 Tips To Physically Protect Your Smartphone And Tablet

Be Safe For The Holidays. 5 Tips To Physically Protect Your Smartphone And Tablet

You just bought your new smartphone or tablet and the last thing you want to see it’s your mobile device face down on the ground. Losing a smartphone or tablet through theft or carelessness brings nightmares to most of us. There are simple ways to physically protect your smartphone and tablet. Thus reducing the risk of theft or damage.

Buy A Smartphone Case

Buying a smartphone case or even a tablet case is the best thing you can do for your device. It’s the easiest one too. Protective cases come in all sort of configurations and styles. Simple and light or rugged and heavy. Some manufactures also offer extra functionality like extended battery and storage. Other prefer a more elegant design for everyday use with placeholders for credit cards and keys. No matter what kind of iPhone or Android case you choose always make sure it offers enough protection throughout the day.

If you are into sports you might want to pickup a waterproof, dust proof or even snow proof protective case. There are plenty of choices.

Apply Screen Protection

Buying a protective case for a smartphone or tablet usually comes with a screen protector. That’s a thin film attached to the screen to protect it from scratches and the daily torture of things like coins and keys. Thankfully there is another form of screen protection. Tempered glass screen protection.

This is an extra layer of thin glass on top of your smartphone’s and tablet’s Gorilla Glass screen. It protects the screen from small or even bigger scratches but also adds extra strength to the screen and the device. Next time your iPhone or Android meets with the ground, your screen will not crack neither break.

Be Safe For The Holidays. 5 Tips To Physically Protect Your Smartphone And Tablet

Keep Smartphones And Tablets In Your Pocket Or Bag

Try to keep your smartphone and your tablet in your pocket or back. This is a double safety measure. Your smartphone and tablet will never hit the ground. You will also protect your mobile device from the weather elements like extreme heat and direct sunlight. Coffee, soda or water are unlikely to find their way in a pocket or a bag.

Reduce Texting While Walking Or Driving

Try to reduce texting and checking your phone or tablet when moving. Walking and driving are the usual suspects here. We’ve all been in this situation. Focus on the phone instead of the road. Until we stumble upon something and we drop our phones.

Some prefer not to text when walking as an extra security measure against theft. Keep the mobile device tight in your hands. Pay attention to the surroundings to reduce the risk of pickpocketing.

Use PIN To Lock Your Smartphone And Tablet

Always use a PIN, gesture or other means to lock your smartphone and tablet. iOS and Android recent advancements in security make smartphone and tablet theft less attractive. Only when PIN lock code is set. Potential thieves will not be able to unlock and delete the device without turning it into a brick. Thus making it less unattractive for theft.

Be safe this holiday season and celebrate Christmas without worrying about your mobile device.

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