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Play with Dolphin. On the iPhone

Bringing Dolphin’s exceptional browsing experience to the iPhone. Now Android fans don’t get jealous, the iPhone version is mainly optimized for iPhone but let’s just check out what’s under the hood.

Let us introduce you to the myriad of new features of Dolphin for the iPhone v1.0 that make your browsing experience effortless:

1. Webzine. Fast loading, without ads; Webzine simplifies the way you read your favorite news, blogs and websites.
Dolphin Webzine displays web articles in an elegant format without distractions. Scroll through thumbnail images to open one of 120+ channel subscriptions and tap on any thumbnail image open to the article. From Techcrunch to Cosmopolitan, Webzine brings the elegance back to reading on the web.

2. Gesture. Let your inner artist out and create personal symbols to access the websites you use the most.
Use a “G” to reach Google.com, an “F” for Facebook.com or create your own. By just clicking on the Gesture hand symbol on the menu bar, Dolphin Gesture enables you to open your favorite sites with just one stroke.

3. One-click share via Twitter/Facebook. It’s easy to be social on Dolphin.
Share websites while browsing without ever leaving Dolphin. Simply click the Twitter icon on the top right to share on Facebook or Twitter.

4. Speed Dial.  Visit you favorite sites on the go with one touch.
No need to type out long URLs on tiny keyboards, simply input your favorite sites on Speed Dial and access them with just one click.

5. Tabbed browsing. No need to toggle between screens, tabbed browsing lets you open and switch between pages fast as lightening.
Perfect for the multi-tasker. Dolphin lets you have an unlimited amount of tabs open, just as you would on your desktop.

6. SideBars. Make the best of mobile interface via Dolphin SideBar.
No need to worry about limited interface on mobile device anymore. Swipe to the right and quickly launch the toolbar. Swipe to the left and browse your bookmarks list, browsing history and folders.

7. MenuBar, The fastest way to customize, share and find information.
Dolphin’s intuitive MenuBar enables you to customize a Gesture, Speed Dial, email, and bookmark for your current page with just a stroke. Tired of iPhone copy and paste functions, Dolphin enables you to copy the URL with one button, and find key terms within the web page.

8. User agent. Can’t access a site in mobile? Easily switch to desktop view.
With Dolphin, you can change your user agent from desktop to mobile view according to your needs.

Download Dolphin Browser for iPhone now!

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