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Notification Search: Fastest Mobile Browser Search Experience

The fastest mobile browser now has an even faster way to search!

The fastest mobile browser now has an even faster way to search!

Be one of the first to test notification search on Dolphin Browser! We strive to be the fastest mobile browser, without sacrificing the UI.

Dolphin is all about streamlining your mobile browsing experience, and now there’s an even easier way to search the web: notification search.

By activating notification search, you’ll have access to a search bar straight from your notification bar or lock screen (depending on the version of Android). Immediately satisfy your curiosity without having to navigate around your home screen or open any apps.

We want your search experience to be intuitive and most people use a smartphone to access and explore information. Use notification search for the fastest mobile browser search experience.

How to Use the Notifications Search Feature

You can either search or enter a website URL, and it’ll open up a new tab in Dolphin with the search results or the website pulled up. The default search engine you set in Dolphin determines the search engine in the notification bar. To change this, simply click on the search/address bar within Dolphin then click on the icon to the left to open up a list of all available search engines.

Notification search comes disabled by default, but you can enable this option by going to Settings > Advanced > Customize > select Notification bar search.

Feature Available in Select Locations (For Now)

Please note: this feature is only available on v11.5.4 of the Android version of Dolphin Browser, and is currently only available in North America, UK, Russia, Germany, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Tips for a Fastest Mobile Browser Search Experience

If you’d like to streamline your Dolphin Browser, check out this link: fastest mobile browser!)

If you haven’t already, download the latest version of Dolphin Browser and start speeding up your browsing experience!


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