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New Look & Features for Dolphin Browser for iPad and iPhone


Download Dolphin Browser for iPhone and iPad today to experience the improved design and new features!

Dolphin for iOS has received a makeover. The recent string of updates for our iOS browsers have added support for new devices, improved stability, and integrated brand new features – like AdBlock and Dashlane – to enhance your browsing experience. With this update, we’re also showing off a brand new, sleek design, as well as dozens of new themes!

Learn more about what’s new for Dolphin on iOS:

DolphinForipadWhat’s New in Dolphin Browser for iPad v9.2

This update boasts a hefty list of back-end improvements that’ll make your browsing experience more stable, and more fun!

Changes include:
– Support for 64-bit devices (iPad Air, iPad Mini 2+)
– Stability improvements and other bug fixes
– Improved Facebook share functionality

While enjoying a more reliable browsing experience, you’ll also have the added benefit of a design upgrade. Dophin for iPad v9.2 includes several UI updates and a elegant new Speed Dial design.

Download Dolphin for iPad v9.2 here.





What’s New in Dolphin Browser for iPhone v9.1

This version of Dolphin for iPhone also includes a string of stability improvements, better animation performance, and the new Speed Dial design. On top of that, this version also contains some exciting new product updates: Dashlane password manager and a Dolphin PRO version.

Dolphin Browser + Dashlane Partnership


Inputting passwords and filling out forms while browsing is a pain, so we sought out a solution! We worked closely with the Dashlane team – makers of the world’s best password manager & secure digital wallet – to integrate their services into Dolphin Browser for iPhone. Now you can easily sync your Dashlane account with Dolphin to quickly manage passwords, autofill forms, and even add payment information while browsing on the go. Check out the Dashlane and other password managers in Dolphin by tapping Menu > Toolbox.




Dolphin Browser PRO

PROicon175x175We’re all about giving you the ability to customize your browsing experience, which is why we’ve designed dozens of free and paid browser themes that you can easily switch between depending on your mood and preference. Now, you can get access to ALL the browser themes by purchasing Dolphin Browser PRO.

With Dolphin Browser PRO, you get access to 15 paid themes (a $15 value) PLUS Sonar (normally $0.99) for just $2.99. What a deal!

Download Dolphin Browser PRO for iPhone here. Download the free version of Dolphin Browser for iPhone here.


AdBlock Integration for iPad AND iPhone


On mobile, screen space is valuable. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to read an article or watch a video on your iPhone or iPad and having to navigate through a myriad of ads and popups, which is why we’ve integrated AdBlock into the lineup of Dolphin for iOS apps. Now you can focus on content without the hassle of ads!
To activate AdBlock, tap on Menu > Settings > Ad Block.






The Dolphin Team is always on the lookout for ways to make your mobile life easier. We hope you enjoy this new and improved iOS browsing experience!

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