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Mobile, Tablets & eReaders Sales Through The Roof

We recently published a blog 2012: The Tipping Point for Mobile which highlights all the signs of the mobile industry exploding across the globe — From sales to content consumption.

If that’s not any indication, here are some new and compelling numbers to prove our case that all signs are pointing towards the mobile sector.

Apple’s Mobile Sales Numbers

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook yesterday in its Q1 2012 earnings call, “the tablet market is now larger than the entire desktop PC market. Someday in the not-too-distant future, the tablet market will be bigger than all of the PC market.” (Apple has sold 55 million iPads since the original launch in April 2010)

  • iPhones sold: 37.04 million compared to 17.07 million last quarter.
  • Overall, Apple sold more iPhones in 2011 than it did in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 combined.
  • iPads sold: 15.43 million compared to 11.1 million last quarter

Amazon Mobile Sales Numbers

  • Amazon says it sold more than a million Kindles per week during December and millions of Kindle Fires during the holiday shopping season 2011, setting sales records for the company.
  • Although Amazon did not reveal specific numbers on Kindle sales, its release in late November 2011 and its statement that it has sold over a million Kindles a week since bring the total sales to at least 10 million units to date.

These figures are confirmed in a recent study by Pew Interned who documented that the number of Americans owning at least a tablet or eReader jumped from 18% in December to 29% in January.

These are staggering numbers by both companies who has popular tablets in the market. Since the introduction of the iPhone and iPad, Apple’s invention of the future of technology has enabled it to double its profit year on year. Here is an image to capture it all.

Chart source: Pew Internet, Image source: iMore.com

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