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Mobile Apps: The Myth of Holiday Season Downloads

Having spent many years in eCommerce, the holiday shopping rush in the United States normally begins the day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday. From this day on right up to a couple of days before Christmas is when businesses traditionally make the most money. A lot of times, this is also the period when businesses turn a profit for the year.

Retailers or (eTailers) stock up on inventory, ramp up their marketing campaigns, place premium prices on products and shipping to ready up for the holiday shopping season.

Unsurprisingly, the traditional mindset around marketing has also managed to inch its way into the mobile app space. However, according to Fiksu’s latest report, this marketing approach adopted by mobile app marketers is flawed.

*The App Store Competitive Index which tracks  the aggregate volume of downloads per day below shows volume download per day rising and continued to do so even during the post holiday season in January — a traditionally slower period. A time when marketers also reduce marketing spend.

*The Cost per Loyal User Index below which measures the cost of acquiring a loyal user for brands who proactively market their apps indicates cost per user acquired fell 67 cents in January. Undoubtedly a direct result of decreased marketing costs. As ad inventory and promotional channels become more cost-effective, so do acquisition costs.

Marketing Takeaway

As tablets and the latest smartphones continuously rank as the top Christmas gifts in the U.S, the surge in traffic to download apps during the holiday period is not surprising. However, as shown by the data above, app marketers would be just as effective in their marketing efforts if not more in the post-holiday season period. Especially when it involves not having to compete head on in an ocean of app companies with deeper pockets for its marketing budget.

*Data tracking of iPhone apps in the U.S only

Date Source: Fiksu 
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