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Missing Dolphin Bookmarks Issue in x86 Devices

Recently, some users have let us know that their Dolphin bookmarks disappear after updating to Dolphin v11.4.20. We’ve investigated the issue and have figured out the most probable cause for this issue:

Users who use devices with x86 (Intel) CPU should be installing the x86 version of Dolphin. Generally, whenever a user updates or downloads from Google Play, they will automatically identify the type of device and serve up the proper version. So, if you have an x86 device, you would only be able to update or install the x86 version of Dolphin.

However, we did not immediately release the x86 version of v11.4.20, and users were still able to update to v11.4.20 ARM (non-x86), which resulted in Dolphin Jetpack disappearing from settings. When we did release the x86 version of 11.4.20, some users with x86 devices updated from the ARM version to the x86 version, leading to the disappearance of bookmarks.

Conversely, if users have non-x86 (ARM) devices and updated to the x86 version, their bookmarks would also disappear.



How to fix recent bug with missing Dolphin Bookmarks due to x86 update.


Backup to Avoid Missing Dolphin Bookmarks and Losing Information

If you have an x86 device and recently updated to the v11.4.20 ARM version, please be sure to back up your data before updating further. To do so, go to Dolphin Settings > General > Data > Backup and restore. Additionally, you can use Dolphin Connect to sync your data.

As we move forward, we will do our best to release an x86 version at the same time as the ARM version of Dolphin.

If you are unsure if you have the x86 version installed, you can check by going to Dolphin Settings > General > About > Send Feedback. Select any of the feedback options and select an email account. The email will populate with a log of your device and browser info. Check the app version to see if there is an x86 at the end (ex: 11.4.20_x86 vs. 11.4.20).

(Click here to learn how to restore your missing Dolphin bookmarks)

We hope this helps! As usual, feel free to contact us at support@dolphin.com or on any of our social networks if you encounter issues.

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