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Meet Dolphin Companion in Beta Version

Thank you so much for your feedback! The Beta test of Dolphin Companion now closed. But, the good news is that you can get it now, yes right now, for free on the Android Market Place.

Dolphin is releasing a sneak peak at our latest Add-on —-Dolphin Companion Beta!

Help us pick best icon for the new Add-on —- Click Here!

We love our smartphones, but we all know the single most common issue is the lousy battery life. Have no fear, Dolphin Companion is here!

Dolphin Companion’s main focus is extending your smartphone’s battery life so you can browse (or chat) as much as you want without having to worry. Just click on your Dolphin Companion Add-on (on right toolbar) and the Dolphin Companion landing page will open up in a new tab within Dolphin Browser. Here you will find your phone’s remaining battery life and our customizable “One Touch Optimize” button.

About One Touch Optimize:

This is best part of Dolphin Companion because it lets your configure your data settings without ever having to leave your browser. Check in on your battery life and if it is getting dire, switch to a different (or even customized) profile to conserve your remaining juice.

3 profiles:

Extreme profile

For the most extreme circumstances, such as being stuck in an avalanche with almost frozen fingers, 6% remaining battery life and dismal network connection. This is the least battery-consumption mode which immediately turns your smartphone to receive only Call and SMS functions and no data connectivity.

Balanced profile

For the more balanced, less extreme lifestyles that have constant and regular access to charging outlets. This is the default mode with all call and SMS functions and power sucking data connectivity is switched on so you can browse whatever and whenever.

Normal profile

Don’t want to optimize your battery life? Dolphin will keep it as normal.

Because this is a new release, Dolphin Companion is only available by downloading it from the link below.

And as always, without your feedback we would not be able to make Dolphin Browser better, so please send all comments, questions (or even virtual high-fives) to support@dolphin-browser.com


The Dolphin Team

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