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Make Your Phone Fancier Again

Wallpaper on your phone is considered as the first thing you will notice when you switch on your phone, which will potentially affect your mood and change your mindset.

4D live Wallpaper, an app which provides wallpaper for phone, available on google play, update daily! All wallpaper for phone provided by 4D live Wallpaper is selected carefully in order to ensure the quality!

4D live Wallpaper further make that first impression even fancier! Numerous 4D live wallpapers and 3D superhero wallpapers for you to choose! Similar to U Launcher. 4D live Wallpaper enables users to:

  • Enjoy eye-catching  wallpaper HD collection offered

4D Live Wallpaper

  • Arbitrarily change wallpaper HD from the daily-updated database

Many Choices

  • Save the buttery while playing with wallpaper HD
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Save Battery


More to be discovered by you!

Download now and enjoy the wallpaper HD!

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