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Launching Dolphin Garage: Bring Your Native or HTML5 Web App to Over 16M Users With Our Open API

With years of experience as mobile developers, we understand how hard it is to reach a large user base. That’s why we’re excited to launch Dolphin Garage, which opens our API and helps other developers reach over 16 million Dolphin users.

Dolphin Garage gives developers access to 150 Dolphin internal APIs, including various browser UI and interactions, while also providing a runtime sandbox environment to allow developers to create their own experiences within Dolphin Browser.

Not only will we enable native apps as Add-ons on Dolphin, but Dolphin Garage also supports web apps based on Adobe’s PhoneGap.

Here’s a more in-depth look at the two different ways you can use Dolphin Garage:

1) Dolphin Add-ons

Dolphin Garage Add-on SDK is a Java library for Android developers who wish to create Dolphin Add-ons. It simplifies the creation of the Add-on and provides access to many features of Dolphin.

We hope this will encourage the development of a wide assortment of useful, enjoyable, creative Add-ons for the millions of Dolphin users around the world.

Our Dropbox Add-on utilizes:

  1. Download
    1. DownloadInfo
    2. DownloadClient
  2. AddonBarAction
    1. SetTitle
    2. SetIcon
    3. Show


Now users are able to save any files directly to Dropbox account.

2) Web Apps with PhoneGap

Dolphin also gives developers the option of publishing a web app, not as a package, but as a thin-client web app for Dolphin users. With the support of the PhoneGap Add-on the user simply navigates to a website that, like a conventional package, makes full use of local features such as camera, GPS, and accelerometer.

PhoneGap, also known as Apache Cordova, is an open-source mobile development framework that uses Web technology (HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS) to create mobile apps that can use local device-specific features. Dolphin does this by supporting the PhoneGap API in a simple Add-on for the Android version of the award-winning Dolphin browser.

Note: For the full optimization, make sure you download the latest Dolphin Browser v8.5 for Android.

Our Wikipedia Web app utilizes:

  1. Local File Access
      1. Cross Site Access (xss)
      2. Globalization plugin support


Wikipedia web app provides users with a native wiki app experience right in Dolphin. Now you can access over 20 million Wiki articles in 280 languages, without needing to install a thing.

So check out our site and tell us what you think in the comments below. No really, we want to hear from you so tell us. You can also reach us at support@dolphin-browser.com on Facebook and Twitter.

Team Dolphin

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