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Join us for the Private Beta of Dolphin Browser HD v6.0! Be the First to Know

We want to know what is important to you and to invite our most loyal users to participate in a sneak peak of our new features. The Dolphin Browser HD v6.0 offers more stable and faster browsing, not to mention an exclusive look at our revolutionized way to access all your favorite sites. Be the first to let Dolphin adapt to way you browse by simply signing up and give your feedback.

Things to note:


  • This beta will not overwrite previous versions of Dolphin Browser HD v5.1 or earlier versions.
  • We have a limited number of slots for beta testing and cannot accept everyone after we reach our quota. Sorry!

To join us, click here!

If you are chosen we will follow up via email so don’t forget to check your inbox. Thanks for your participation!

P.S. – Because this is a new first look, people who join our beta test agree to use the utmost confidentiality.

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