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Hotfix Version: Fix Issues of Swipe Action in Dolphin Browser HD

Several Days ago, we got to know that the swipe action issue and we promise that we will fix it asap. Here we publish a hotfix version to help you solve the problem. If you do not have this issue, you needn’t to get it installed. In addition, we also fix the force close bug in advanced settings in this Hotfix version. ( And this version won’t be updated to the Android Market. )

At the same time, we also update Password Manager( full version) and Password Manager Lite and We to PDF. We add a lock of both versions of Password Manager in case your phone is not on your hand or some other situations to leak passwords, which is more secure for you to use. Moreover, we fix the bug of web to PDF and you can save it as PDF format correctly. If you want to get more info about Web to PDF, pls click here to get the information.

Get the updated add-on from Android Market ( or just click the hyper links above ), we’d love to hear what you think at support@dolphin-browser.com.

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