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Help Dolphin and Vote for Us at South by Southwest.

Dolphin is excited to be in the running for a couple of key panels at music/tech/film festival, South by Southwest, next year and we need your help!

We are lined up to compete in a couple of super exciting panels that tout our technical innovation. The first is “David vs. Goliath – when to take on the big boys” and the second is “HTML5 and the Mobile Browser Wars.” Now the way that SXSW works is that 30% of the vote comes from you, so we need all of our fans to go to SXSW picker and vote for us!

Voting is open until August 31 at 9:59pm PST so do it soon : ) 

Thank you!
Team Dolphin

Wait, what is SXSW?
The South by Southwest (SXSW) is the hotest festival in Austin that brings tech companies, music and film together!

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