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Hello Waterproof Mobiles, Goodbye Drop In Toilet Mishaps!

The Dolphin Team was in Barcelona a couple of months ago to attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and we presented some key highlights of the show. One of them in particular intrigued us, Hz0 — a company specializing in waterproofing your mobile phone via a protective coating.

Exhibiting at CTIA recently, they showcased a phone submerged in water completely exposed — yes, with it’s back case open exposing the battery and other goodies which make your phone work.

We think this is completely a game changer. Not only will it make those clunky waterproof cases obsolete, it will make your mobile world seamless. Think about this, you can potentially go snorkeling and lookup a fish you just saw on your Dolphin Browser to find out its name while submerged underwater — as long as you have cell phone signal!

Hz0’s WaterBlock™ technology is invisible and protects your devices on a molecular scale. It will soon be available for Apple and Samsung phones and tablets. With this technology available, non-waterproofed mobiles could be a thing of the past, very soon.

However, if you’re interested in getting your current phone wateproofed NOW, here’s another company who is focused on the direct to consumer space with similar technology and service offering. Send in your phone to Liquipel (costs between $59 to $79) — they will make your phone watersafe and mail it back to you!

As a mobile based company, we are thrilled to see the advancement in technology within this space. The two main areas we are noticing big strides in are intelligence — making the phones learn and adapt to us and our behaviors and seamlessness — making the phone part of our daily lives instead of a device.

Here is a video from VentureBeat on Hz0’s showcase at CTIA 2012

What do you think? Pretty nifty eh. Want your phone coated?

image: Hz0

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