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Get Your Phone Ready, Download Dolphin Browser HD V4.1 Pre-release Now

After two days, Dolphin Browser HD v 4.1 beta1 has been downloaded for more than 10000 times by you. Thanks for your appreciation and trust.

In accordance with your  feedback, we fix some bugs in this Pre-release version. There is no other features update by comparing to the beta1 version. So get your phone ready and download Dolphin Browser HD v4.1 pre-release version now.

Other than that, I want to share a user tip for you. Many features we have supported but many our users cannot find it. I just give you one phrase: “Long Press“! You can try any places you want. Maybe you will meet futile actions but it is worth trying. After you long press bookmarks, links in the webpages, address bar, downloads, even the tab, you will get a context menu to show-off.

You will find that different context menus are for different actions. Later I will share all these for you.

Finally, Happy Thanksgiving Day! 🙂 Thank you for all your appreciation and support, we will keep going on and make Dolphin Better.

Update: More detailed info about the new features in Dolphin Browser HD V4.1, pls click here.

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